4 reasons to build a shed

Building a shed is a fun idea I bet many of us had at one time or another.

What’s not to love about it?

That good feeling of getting to do something with your own hands, and out in the open for most of the project.

That right amount of complexity that’s both simple enough to not scare away even the laziest among us, but still has enough of DIY engineering involved to make it interesting.

It’s like LEGOs for adults, isn’t it.

#1 You need additional storage space

This one is a no-brainer if there ever was one.

You need to build a shed to store whatever you want to store in there. Garden supplies, tools, bikes, all of your hoarder stuff that just can’t fit in your house any longer.

It’s that simple:

  1. Build a shed
  2. Put stuff in it

#2 You want one of those garden offices

Yeah, we all saw those flying around the internet. And you gotta admit, they are as cool as cool gets.

The best part is, they do not have to be that much different than a basic storage shed. Sure, it’ll take a little more effort but it’s so much worth it.

And when you think about how much you can save when you are working from home, it’s actually an investment.

#3 You need a workshop

You need a shop at home and the best (or the only) way for you is to make a small shed workshop. It’s a great place for all your tinkering needs and it’s nice to actually build your own workshop.

And if you think that taking a shower to get some alone time in a crowded house is a great idea, wait till you try putting on earmuffs and using power tools in a backyard shed.

#4 You want to learn framing

If you’d like to get into construction and learn about timber framing (or other types of framing) building a shed is a great practical way to get started.

You will have to learn all of the basics but it will be in the smallest scale that doesn’t count as modeling.

And you know what they say: if you can build a shed, you can build a house!

#4a You want to get a job in framing industry

I think this one is too much of its own subject to be #5 but is an important point to mention.

While you may want to take on framing as a hobby or simply want to build stuff for yourself like sheds, cabins, etc. it’s also a great craft that can really support you and your family.

Getting a job in the framing industry can be a rather good job depending where you live or plan to move.

And while some people want to get a job in framing, some folks prefer to start their own business.

No matter if you want to get a job or start a business you still have to learn how to do it and make that first project. Before that it’s just an idea in your head.

What’s your reason to build a shed?

While I tried to explain some of the reasons you might have to want to build a shed, there are always other reasons people want to build one.

And there’s no such thing as a bad reason to build a shed. At least I hope there isn’t…

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